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Day 38: Feeling Like I’ve Run Out of Words.

I had a look at a graphic design blog today just briefly, it was something that my bff sent me to look at. It was quite refreshing being able to take a look at it because in doing so I felt like I’m on the right track.

What I’ve seen from my tiny bit of research is that if I’m posing blogs daily then they don’t have to be so specific and can be more general but when I finish my 100-day blog challenge and start posting at a lesser frequency they should be more focused and specific.

That makes a lot of sense to me. I can’t be totally focused and serious all the time and every day and I don’t have words sometimes to put together what would be a very specific blog post. Such things take time to craft and that is not what I have in this challenge.

I’m here right now to spend 20 minutes just getting some stuff out there. Whatever is in my mind at this very moment in time, whatever that is.

My hope is that in doing so I will have given myself many pieces of building blocks that I’ll be able to use later down the line to create beautifully crafted pieces of writing that other human beings will actually want to read.

If and when that happens, I will feel that I have accomplished a mammoth task of getting my point across and expressing myself in a way that others can benefit from some of the tiny thoughts that exist in my mind.

That day I will feel that I have learned something new, acquired a new skill, climbed to the top of the mountain that I never really wanted to climb but did because I wanted to overcome the block that existed in my life between me and the outside world. The communication block.

Its not the type of thing that one might consider bucket list worthy but it is for me something to aspire to and I believe I will be able to fulfil my goal in this Insha Allah (God willing).

After all practice does make perfect. It may be cliché to say it but there are few statements that are as true in this. Talent isn’t everything but it’s a start, practice is everything as long as you do it.

I’m looking forward to completing this 100-day blogging project and to look back and see how far I’ve come. I already have a good idea and am working on what I’ll be doing next Insha Allah.

I’ll most likely take a good break before I embark on another 100-day project as it can be a headache and I doubt very much that when I do it will be a writing one. I’d love to do some kind or art project for that many days, I have done 100 days of envelopes previously. It was doable and I managed even though it coincided with the beginning of 2018 Inktober.

Writing so much has got my fingers itching to paint but tired at the thought of it at the same time. Its almost like the one is cancelling out the other. I still have the desire to paint but not enough will to go with it, at least that’s how it seems right now.

I suppose it could be that I’m just not giving myself time to just complete this task (and the other 3 that I’m currently working on) before I organise myself into time for painting. I have to set up the right conditions. Part is mental and part is environmental. I have the environmental right now but the mental side…hm, not so much. I think I’m about 20% away.

That might not seem like much but its really big in my mind considering that I rely on my art and creating it as a way to balance out and think my thoughts through thoroughly.

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