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Day 37: I’m writing too much.

I’ve never been a writer.

I mean I’m just not the writing type. I know that I do have a lot to say in general but I think I’ve never been the type to feel like I have to write about what I have to say.

This could be because I never believed that anyone was really actually interested in what I have to say to listen to my voice when I open my mouth to speak, so then who in fact will take their time to actually read my writing? Who would take time out of their day, time out of their life to read the thoughts that have come from my mind?

I think this could be in fact part of my introversion which I personally think has grown over the years. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken great solace in the thoughts that I have in my own head and generally keeping them to myself.

Life has been so busy for me and I have not time to argue with others. I like to live the quiet life as much as possible and I’ve found that although my head may be full of noise sometimes, I can still go to a quiet place inside my own mind and stay there while I zone out. A place that I can go and have actual quiet. I go to this place often now, it’s a place of safety.

I like to let the people who like to talk, talk. If I’m asked for my opinion about something, I’ll give it honestly and freely. I don’t have an issue with sharing my thoughts. But I don’t have (in general) the desire to put my point across if I’m in a room full of people who solely have that as their aim. I don’t see the need personally to give my opinion or view because it just doesn’t feel necessary to me.

I think that the only possible downside to not speaking often and communicating my thoughts with others is that I have reached a point where I feel that I now lack the ability to articulate what I want to say correctly and get my point across.

Because of my dislike of opening my mouth to speak I would much rather use as little words as possible when I do open it to communicate and therefore this requires an exceptionally high level of skills to do that.

I believe that the best way to help me achieve this level of articulation would be through two means:

1- Reading books

2- Writing out my thoughts and views and reviewing and critiquing them.

This is one of the main objectives of this 100-day blog challenge. I really hope that by the end of it I will have learned something by the way of improving my communication skills and writing.

I have also noticed today, or learned something new that in fact should have been very obvious to me that I completely missed when I started my podcast about women who wear the face veil and that is, I never made an introductory video to explain what the series is about. I just dived into. Literally dived. When I listen to my first podcast episode, I even noticed the surprise in the voice of the lady that I was interviewing in that I didn’t formally introduce her at the beginning of the interview. I listened and kicked myself when I listened to it, yet I still went on to continue the podcast without actually doing an introductory video.

I wouldn’t say that this is completely bad. It definitely is a learning curve. Excuse aside I will still make an introductory video for the YouTube channel and an audio version for the podcast platforms. Better late than never eh?

I’m a doer and at the same time a procrastinator. I decided a while ago that instead of trying to do things perfectly that I would just start, otherwise id never get going and that to me is a bigger mistake than any of the errors I could potentially make by learning as I go along.

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