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Day 36: My Disconnect with Graphics

I remember my first time encountering the world of graphics when I was in secondary school. I remember I didn’t actually want to do graphics. I just didn’t get it.

At that time graphic design was nothing like how it is today. I was literally designing a greeting card or a packet of cereal. I know that’s still graphics now but its way far more advanced.

I just didn’t like being restricted. I didn’t like the principle of making art that had so many rules. Art that had to fit a particular specification. It just took away the whole meaning of art for me. Art for me and to me is about creating whatever I want or feel to create.

To be honest even now I find the thought of doing commission art almost a cause for anxiety because of the stress of trying to create something that someone else is seeing in their minds.

To be honest I think that I have too much in my own mind to be able to see someone else’s vision and be able to achieve the look or piece of art that they want.

It’s not that I haven’t done commissions before because I have and the clients have always seemed happy but deep down, I have this type of paranoia that maybe they don’t really like the work. I don’t know I suppose I might be just being weird.

So back to school and doing ‘graphics for the first time. I dint like the teacher either actually. She also happened to be my new form tutor and I just thought she was really uptight. I didn’t understand that either, why was she so uptight?

So, I got a D for GCSE graphics. I don’t actually care because I didn’t like the subject at all. I had actually wanted to do CDT that was right up my street as I loved woodwork. I’d always loved woodwork because my grandad was a carpenter so I loved to do anything that involves using saws and stuff.

Thinking about graphics as it is now as an art form, I really respect it and I know that even thought it is done using digital technology and not all done by hand like when I was in school. I understand that it must be somewhat exciting to be able to work with new challenges and achieve amazing results or work towards that.

It is a process that many artists adopt today in order to express themselves.

What I’m trying to do now is somewhat bridge that gap between having a carefree unrestricted approach to my art while at the same time come to some kind of branding cohesiveness. Being able to select colours and fonts and images that will be able to help me to build up a strong brand.

Its not as easy as some might think. Not for me at least. I think I will take the approach of creating a mood board in order to be able to select the ideas that I want and to be able to see what goes with what.

I don’t even know if anything that I’m saying now will make any sense because the whole idea of graphic design and branding just feels like so much work to me. A literal headache. Like a big, no a massive mountain that I have to climb.

I think part of it is because I have in general such an eclectic style and I like so many things it makes it seem like a nightmare in order to conform to the rules of branding such as having a limited colour pallet, specific font styles, sizes and don’t forget the logo which on its own can be the biggest headache of all.

If there is such thing as a graphics clinic then I think I need to sign up to it. Am I the only person that has graphics and brand design anxiety.

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