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Day 34: I Can go Wherever I Want

Today I was researching some artists on a platform where artist can sell their art. I wanted to check out how much art and what types of art are selling.

I wanted to see if people who paint work with the same or similar themes to mine, namely realistic floral, are indeed selling their work and if there is an audience for it.

I don’t often go into art selling platforms but I thought to see if it would give me some new insight. I have to say that looking on there and having a browse did make me feel more hopeful that there is most definitely a market for my art.

I suppose you might be thinking, well why would you doubt that? My answer would be mainly because I often get questioned as to why I paint flowers or can’t I paint something other than flowers? I did talk about this in an earlier blog post.

Basically, to sell art you need to be confident that your work will sell. Not only that, you need to know your market and your target audience as well as the price range to sell to that said audience. I’m still on my journey to learning who my target audience is and building my confidence in my approach as a seller of my art.

It takes a lot and I’m sure other artists can relate to what I’m feeling as they must have experienced a similar thing. As artists we feel passionate about our work, so much so that if someone else does not feel that same enthusiasm we can’t almost feel deflated and a sense of…discouragement.

As an artist I have many aspirations and dreams. It’s hard when you have a dream and you share it and someone comes and tries to stomp on it, telling you that you’re not being realistic and that you should stay in your lane.

Well what if I have more than one lane? Why can’t I switch lanes when I feel like it? The world is not all one lane or one track. For me to find my way I need to go and explore and see and taste and try different things. Just because someone else does not share my dreams and aspirations doesn’t mean that they should stomp on mine.

I believe that I can achieve my goals of being a successful artist.

I believe that I can go anywhere and live anywhere I want.

I have a traveller’s soul and I don’t wish to be confined to any box or to any terms.

Am I making any sense?

Or have I jumbled two completely different subjects into one thought?

Maybe they are two separate thoughts but I have to share them at the same time because these are the two thoughts in my mind right now.

I think that for me the way they tie together- these two thoughts of being a successful artist who can live from making art and being someone who can live anywhere in the world that they want to live, come together because they are two things for me which I have consistently been told throughout my life by various dream crushers that I couldn’t do.

These two things that for those dream crushers meant that I was being unrealistic and should wake up.

But I’m fully awake and I am living in each and every moment. But even in those moments you need to have a vision and foresight for the future. A vision of clarity of where you want to be. That destination of happiness. It doesn’t mean that you’re not happy where you are right now, it just means that you do not wish to remain in the same place because you wish to grow and spread your wings.

Those around you- the dream crushers, want to take away your sight. They wish to take away your sight because they are already blind. They are blind and they cannot see so they wish for you to be the same as them and miserable with no dreams and no vision.

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