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Day 33: Vagary- A Whimsical Roaming Journey

Today I want to talk a little bit about a series of paintings and probably my largest (yes, it is actually) series of paintings to date: Vagary.

For some time, I’ve enjoyed looking at scenery through my phone camera in portrait format.

I think one of the things that I love about it is that you get a lot more of the sky in those photos (depending on where you’re looking of course) but I’m attracted to those layers that you get looking at a landscape in the portrait format.

This inspired me to start creating my own series of landscape painting in a portrait format. It was an opportunity for me to create something different from what I was used to, I had painted some abstract landscape pieces before but they where of course in landscape format.

I started out playfully using some beautifully textured watercolour paper that I had. It was A4 in size which meant that the space was limited and I could experiment in small doses.

I usually paint flowers in a realistic form and it was during one of those sessions that I had spent many hours painting trying to get things just right, I thought to myself- its time to take a break. Your mind needs a break just do some abstracted scribble stuff.

So, I did. I painted using some scraps of paint, if you could call them that. The bit of paint on the pallet that would have most likely gone to waste had it not been for the idea to paint on the A4 watercolour paper.

At first, I used left over paint but after doing a couple of paintings I really started to get into it. So, I would think of places that I’ve been or I would imagine places that I’d like to go for example and then pick colours which I thought would look good for that particular landscape.

I remember doing a few of them in shades of blues and greys. My daughter and I really loved how those turned out and that again prompted me to do even more.

My inspiration for the majority of the seascapes that I have done is undoubtedly the North East coast. Me and my kids really love to go there. Beautiful sandy beaches and historical landmarks.

It wasn’t until last year that I looked at the whole set of paintings that I had built up and decided to give it a name. I searched for names that related to travel and landscapes as that is my main inspiration behind the series.

I came across the name Vagary, which means a whimsical roaming journey. It was the perfect name meaning which definitely fit what the series was about.

You can check out the series on my website in the abstract paintings section, there are over 40 pieces in the collection.

Thanks for reading.

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