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Day 32: Arteza Fabric Paint Review

I saw an advert on Instagram for fabric paint by the brand Arteza. I often get adverts for them pop up on my Instagram feed and I see that they have a wide range of paints including watercolour and acrylic. I was considering buying their watercolour paint previously but then I bought the Kuretake set that didn’t turn up.

I was excited about the paint when I saw it because I had recently bought a plain t-shirt and I had an idea to do some kind of design on it, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to execute.

Today was the day that I promised to treat myself to just chilling and making some art. I did a little bit of tidying and after spending hours of writing in the morning I decided to get my set of fabric paints that arrived around two weeks ago.

(my head is so empty at this time of the day I can’t even concentrate to write) (Aaaarrgh!)

So yeah, I got this set of paints. My first thoughts opening the box:

Really sturdy box, you could definitely keep it to store the paints most likely for the duration of use.

The colours of the paint were really beautiful, it includes some of the traditional colours like yellow ochre and phthalo blue.

It also has a fluorescent pink and a peach colour that I thought was quite fluorescent.

It also includes metallic silver and gold colours.

I really like the shades of the paint altogether. I think the range is pretty good. I still need to play around with them a bit more to figure out if they are as wide as I would like. I think at the moment looking at it I would probably say that I could perhaps do with another shade of yellow? But I suppose that depends on how I would use them.

My personal opinion for sets of paint in general like this is that they should contain 2 tubes of white because even if you don’t use white to make your art you will need white for something and its always the paint that goes first.

The tubes themselves were sturdy and strong and had an inner seal. These were generally easy to open but I almost had a fit trying to open 2 of the tubes, I had to use a scissors to open it.

The paint is supposed to be mixed before opening so I shook the tubes before using them but I generally found the consistency a little thin. It can still be diluted with water but I didn’t because it was already thin for the fabric I was working on.

For t shirt I used one of the lighter blue colours and I noticed that it didn’t show up that well on my navy-blue t-shirt because it just sunk into the fabric.

I liked the colours in general and the pink and white showed up really well on the navy blue. Even the dark colours were kind of visible and had a good consistency.

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