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Day 31: How to be Productive as an Artist

Today I thought that I’d like to share some of the things that I’m currently doing right now in order to stay productive as an artist.

I personally find that I’m a very productive person in the sense that physically I can put out a lot of work in a relatively short space of time but that’s not the only thing that you need. What’s important in also the quality of the work.

I’m happy with the quality of my work as an artist so I don’t mean that. I’m talking specifically about the business side of things such as: writing blogs, filming and editing videos, recording podcasts, marketing and working on your website etc.

There are so many things that go into building your business as an entrepreneur these days. It literally is like peeping into a rabbit hole and then falling headfirst into it.

I’m constantly learning new things everyday about what it takes to create a website, keep it running, the famous SEO, all sorts of stuff that is well over my mental capacity.

It is fun learning new things when you feel like you’re getting somewhere and there are so many resources online to learn basically everything you need. I really love YouTube for that.

Here I’m just going to share some of my own tips for being productive with quality that I really feel are helping me to move on with my businesses. I’m really still in the beginning stages in terms of actually doing what is really relevant in having an online presence so I do consider myself a beginner with a lot to learn.

Block out your time.

I have blocked out my time in different categories for different things. I have divided my month into weeks and each week I have set specifically for working on different things.

So, for example I have a podcast in which I interview Muslim women who wear the face veil. So, I have one week in the month that I schedule my interviews and edit the episodes and basically do the bulk of everything related to the podcast.

This helps me stay on top of it and keep organised because I know exactly what my focus is that week and if I run out of things to do I can look for ways in which to improve something I hadn’t thought about or do some research to learn more.

I also have a week for filming and editing art videos and a week for working on my cupping therapy blog.

This is how I make sure that I have time to fit in everything I do and like doing and am passionate about within each month without neglecting anything.

Its working really well at the moment I have only been doing it for a few months but I like how it’s going.

Make lists

I know that some people don’t believe making lists is a good idea but it really helps me know exactly what I’m doing. I also love to tick things off as I go because it motivates me to do more and I can see that I’m making progress.

Have an ideas book

I have a book that I write down new ideas. This helps me to visualise what I’m thinking and if it makes sense and then I can do whatever research or learning I need to do to realise it.

Saying No

I’ve had to learn how to use the ‘N’ word a lot these days. No to volunteering my time for other people and their projects. I’ve finally realised that part of what’s been holding me back from really going for what I want is the fact that I’ve always overstretched myself for others and trying to help them.

Always saying yes and thinking that because I work from home that I’m ‘available’ when in reality I’m not.

Being in the lockdown has really helped me to understand that I wasn’t completing the bulk of my projects in the time I wanted to previously because I was always running around doing other things or giving people my time.

Being a single parent is already difficult enough but I was giving my time away to things that weren’t helping me move forward at all.

That’s all for today. I hope that you find these few tips beneficial.

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