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Day 3- Your Business Should Solve a Problem, What Does Art Solve?

I read my friend and business coach Rosalean Batool wrote the other day in a post- ' If your business doesn't solve someones problem then you don't have a business. So it really had me thinking. Its not the first time I've heard something like this and it does make a lot of sense. Look at the food industry, everyone likes to eat food and at the very least we all need to eat in order to survive so its not and industry that will be going out of business any time soon. Clothing is another industry, we all need to wear clothes even if they're not the latest trend or the most fashionable we need to wear clothes for protection and modesty.

So these are examples of businesses that not only solve a problem but also appeal to the different desires of human beings as they cover different aspects of taste and style which will appeal to different types of people.

I've been thinking for a while as an artist how does my art help anyone as a business? What problem am I solving as an artist, do people need art? I know that for me personally art solves a problem. Its like my therapy without which if I didn't have it as an outlet I'd probably be really depressed and miserable. I honestly don't know how I would get through bouts of feeling low, stressed or frustrated if I didn't have my art and being creative as an outlet and I think that is true for many creatives. Its also something that I just love doing, but how does that relate to someone else and potentially solving the problem of another person?

This is something that I have been tackling with in my thoughts for a long time. Yes I see that many artist answer this problem by way of teaching art and techniques to others via online courses etc, but I don't know if that's for me, maybe its a lack of confidence but I've never thought that what I do is something anyone would want to learn from me at least. Yes I went to college and studied art, I attended uni and have a degree in it but for some reason I just never had it in my mind that art is something that I could teach another person. Its has simply always just been an outlet for me and I'm a firm believer of doing the thing st that you enjoy in life.

I suppose in a way that might seem somewhat irresponsible as I did go to university with art in mind, but to let you in on a secret- I never really intended to go to university at all. It was my teacher Andy at art college that told me I better go to University, so I just said OK and off I went. I never in my life thought that I would be a university student.

So back to the main point- how does my art solve a problem of someone else?This is the answer that I need to find in order to make this business of art a real thing for me. Its really no fun trying to earn a living from what you love and no one loves what you do, its really hard. I totally understand the whole Vincent Van Goh thing now. I suppose I always had deep sympathy for him as a child learning about him, but now as an adult female painter struggling to make a living for my family I really get it now. Its not an easy thing at all.

Whats even more depressing is when people make jokes like -when you die lots of people will want to buy your paintings and you'll be rich. Please?! and really? No one is rich in their graves mate, we're all the same in the grave, no difference between rich and poor. Is that what I'm trying to do? Not my idea of generational wealth, of course I want to leave something behind for my children in the future but I also want to be able to give them something now.

Oh gosh I still haven't answered this question. OK art its an aesthetic right> People use it in design, interior design, homes, styling, everyone has different tastes. Some art is political, has a particular message, at the moment mine doesn't at all. I like to capture the beauty of nature in my art which for me relates to mood and feelings as nature has a big impact on us more than we are aware of sometimes I think. Hm solving a problem, if my artwork relates to nature, feelings and memories. Hm, I use a variety of techniques to explore these themes. People who want to connect with nature to enhance their mod and uplift their spirit, feeling a connection with nature, a way of bringing it into the home without necessarily bringing it into the home because not everyone has the time to take care of plants or other living things due to be busy at work or lack of experience. Flowers die after a week or two but a painting can last a lifetime.

That's all for today, my time is up. If you read this far then thank you so much for taking 3 minutes out of your life to read through 20 minutes of my minds thoughts.

Muchas Gracias!

The painting below is the one that cam to my mind most frequently while writing this post.

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