• Yezarck

Day 29: The Travellers Soul

My mind constantly wanders, I have a traveller’s soul.

It’s not that I don’t fall in love with places, it’s just that I don’t feel like my spirit is tied to anywhere particular in this world.

I feel like there are so many places that I could call home.

As long as I have a sound mind, love and peace I can feel at home almost anywhere.

And those places that I don’t feel those things are the places that I will take what I need and experience whatever I need to experience in order to learn and grow.

Those are the place where I will gather whatever is necessary in order to move on to the next destination and experience my next lesson.

In don’t have time for ignorant people. I don’t tolerate those who take advantage of others, using them until the brink of frustration, trying to break them down into forced slavery.

I won’t allow myself to be used and abused. I’m fed up of being fed up. Tired of being tired, done with being done.

I’m not and animal and even if I was, I don’t belong in a cage because animals don’t belong in cages. I can go wherever I want; I don’t need permission to leave any place. I have no obligations to stay.

I can fulfil my dreams Insha Allah (God willing) the only one that is holding me back is my own resistance to the fear of knowing how I will get to that place of my dreams being fulfilled.

The fear of not being able to see the future, the fear of not know how it will happen and when. What life will throw in my path on my way to that place?

But whatever the case I must keep travelling, a traveller that doesn’t move is a wasted journey.

An unfulfilled life stuck and stagnant.

A flower that hasn’t bloomed

A cloud that didn’t release its rain.

Tasteless food.

A smile that doesn’t reach the eyes.

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