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Day 27 & Day 28 Together

Yesterday I was out pretty much all day with appointments. By the time I got home I had two online meetings and after that I was completely shattered. To make it official I had a headache so crippling that it went down the side of my face and into my neck. So, todays post will be yesterdays and todays combined.

I’m trying my best not to get bored of writing but for the past two weeks or so I feel as if that’s all I do of creative work and to be honest I don’t consider myself such a creative writer as I’m merely trying to make a little bit of sense of the jumbled thoughts in my tired mind and put them out there in a somewhat coherent way that another individual can understand what I am trying to say.

I miss painting. Really, I do. Ill even take drawing in my sketchbook as a substitute but I haven’t even had the time for that. I’ve been so dedicated to my writing projects and trying to fulfil my own personal deadlines in the name of sticking to my word. I’m really trying to be better in a lot of areas in my life. I’m utilising my time now as much as possible to fulfil many goals that I have had for the longest time. Its mentally and physically draining. Sometimes I feel like I could just sleep and forget about doing it altogether.

But deep down I have this drive that won’t let me sleep away my dreams. I feel that I’m in the best time now at least to do the hard graft and lay the ground work to put myself in the right place so that I can get to where I need to be. I’m focused and I’m driven.

I know that I won’t get what I want overnight but its not even about getting what I want, its about the process that it takes to get there. It hurts my brain a lot but I know that’s a good thing because it means that I’m actually growing. And once I’ve finished the tasks, I’m doing now I will move on to the next and hurt my brain some more Insha Allah (God willing).

There will always be time to just chill but now is definitely not that time. I won’t be happy until I complete my tasks. One of them being a new blog that I have recently started, I will share more details of that in the coming weeks Insha Allah but its based on my other work that I do.

Art wise I have put one of my projects on hold for a few months. It’s a watercolour project as I have never used watercolour before but a friend of mine suggested to me that I try it. I actually still need to buy myself a set of watercolour. I had ordered a Kuretake watercolour set from eBay just before the lockdown had started but it didn’t show up so I ended up getting a refund for that. I need to order another set; I might try Amazon this time.

Really wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to get a basic colour set of like 8 colours and then try to be slick and blend them by myself or if I should just get a 30-colour set and paint the colours direct? I had ordered the 30-paint colour set by Kuretake previously so I’m not sure now if I should just order the same again or get something completely different?

It had taken me a long time to reach the decision (like months) to order that watercolour set before only for it not the turn up. Alhamdolillah (thanks to God) its no big deal but I need to search for another set now. Any recommendations would be more that welcome.

I figured if I get a set of watercolours, I will treat myself to doing one watercolour painting a week seeing as these days I’m having no time to paint due to my writing schedule. I’m working on a book of drawings of buildings in Ghana from phots that I took while I was there during the Christmas break of 2018, (when life was relatively normal).

I started the project actually while I was in Ghana and continued (slowly) here and there when I got back. It took me a while to complete at first because I was working on some other paintings (yes rose paintings) in my new technique that I’m still trying to develop and refine (see blog: Day 26 for description and video).

If all goes well this week with my new blog posts then I plan to have a chill out with one of my sketchbooks and record some art for my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already subscribed please do so and thank you in advance 😊

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