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Day 26: Three Roses Painting Process

About a year ago I created a piece of art that has set in process for me a new style of painting which combines printmaking with acrylic and oil paint.

The first stage required that I design a pattern onto a piece of lino and then carve out the design. Actually, that wasn’t really the first stage, I actually prepared my board first. A wooden board with calico cover which I then painted in black. I usually paint my boards in white but something inside me desired to paint in black. I really found it refreshing to paint that large board in black, it was so soothing.

So, after painting the calico covered wooden board in black emulsion, I sanded it down to be nice and smooth. I used to wonder why people sand down boards after priming them as part of the point of painting on canvas or calico in my case was that it’s a good surface for the paint to hold on to but actually if you don’t sand it down its so rough and it gets in the way of the paint somehow. It also makes it hard for the next stage which is printing onto the board with the carved lino.

I used gold acrylic paint pasted onto the lino with a brush. Then I printed it repeatedly onto the black wooden board. After the acrylic paint was dry, I gave it a thin wash of oil paint in metallic shade colours. I really didn’t have a clue where all this would end up at the time, I just knew that I was doing something I hadn’t done before and that I should just trust the process. I also knew that I was going to paint roses on to the board.

After the thin oil paint wash, (I should probably say that I used a gel medium to thin down the oil paint that I was using) I started with the composition of my three roses. I painted the outlines to get a good idea of where I wanted them to be and then I got on with painting. I painted this over the course of about 10 days I think, maybe 12, but its all on YouTube so you can check it out. Wet on wet method.

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