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Day 25: One Quarter of the Way Through

Can’t believe I’m already a quarter of the way through the 100-day challenge, Alhamdolillah (thanks to God). Its funny because only a few days ago I thought that it was a week later than it actually was.

I’m busy with many projects at the moment and I think that’s probably why I was literally getting ahead of myself. I’m trying to keep of top of them all by sticking to a fairly strict schedule and its going pretty well Alhamdolillah. Apart from my sleep schedule everything is on track to be complete Insha Allah (God willing).

I was watching a video this morning about how to optimise your website home page and I will be making a couple of adjustments to mine sometime this week Insha Allah.

I have learnt a new skill today in video editing which I’m quite proud of that Alhamdolillah.

My thought of the day this morning while I was baking a traditional Bajan (that’s what we call people from Barbados FYI) is that sometimes in order to really see things clearly you need to step away and look at things from a distance. The thought occurred to me after seeing a splash mark on the kitchen tiles that I knew had happened a couple of days before when I was baking carrot cake. I had cleaned up the mess straight away but somehow, I had missed a spot. Today I realised that the reason for that was -because I was simply too close to see.

It’s like when I’m painting, especially a large piece of art. I enjoy the process until I get to the point of frustration and I feel like I’m getting nowhere or that the work is somehow ugly or unbalanced. All the while I’m feeling in some next levels of internal turmoil and someone passing by the painting in process will comment, oh that’s looking great! And I’m thinking what on earth are you talking about? Then I stop to go and do something, eat or just have a break and when I return to the painting and look at it, I can see it in a totally different way. Clearer, more real and with a greater appreciation as to how far I’ve come.

This is common with many artists. Is used to actually look at my work in the mirror so that I would see the reflection of it instead of looking at it straight on. Sometimes I would even look at it upside down. When I do this- stepping back, looking at it from a different angle, from a different perspective I can see more clearly, I can see better.

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