• Yezarck

Day 24

I’m really loving the new look of my website. I’m still developing it but it pleases me every time I open my homepage now. I think its because its much more up to date and ties in a lot more my current work and projects such as sketchbook work and YouTube videos.

YouTube is a big deal for me right now. Its something that I’ve procrastinated for such a long time I dread to think about the amount of time that’s past. There’s always so many things that I allow to get in the way of me really actually doing the things that I really want to do when it comes to my art at least.

I’ve learned that I need to really focus my attentions on my art projects and schedule time to do them which I refuse to give to someone else. This has been my biggest flaw in this area.

Working from home its so easy to let someone get in your way and its really not their fault. It’s me, I just don’t know how to say ‘sorry I’m busy’ when I’m working from home. There’s been times when I’ve done it yes, but many a time I'll allow my other part time work to get in the way of my art by taking appointments at times that I had told myself would be solely for my art.

This resulted in me being able to create art sporadically and then most definitely not doing any of the actual serious stuff, all the business things like marketing and stuff you know?

I now have a good schedule for posting to YouTube and editing my videos. I am also more organised with my posting to Instagram so Insha Allah (God willing) I hope to see some increase in traffic to my site and YouTube channel.

At the moment I’m really just trying to build that beautiful relationship with my website. If it’s a place that I enjoy visiting then I hope some others will enjoy visiting it too, just like I mentioned in an earlier post as if someone is visiting me at my actual home.

Establishing a community on YouTube is quite a challenge but I’m optimistic. I’ve been trying to get my family and friends and all my clients to subscribe to my channel. I didn’t anticipate that it would be such a challenge to be honest. I have more than 600 contacts in my phone and of those I have less than 60 subscribers to my channel. This job isn’t easy at all. How many times can you actually ask someone to subscribe to your channel without being a complete pain in the rear? I definitely don’t enjoy being a headache to anyone. I’m not the asking type for that very reason.

At the moment I’m trying to think of some other ways to make my website a bit more interactive. It really would be nice to get some feedback from people about what they would like to see or what they think is good for an art site. Right now, I have two ideas: add some freebies such as tutorials or free downloads and some type of live stream maybe on Instagram or YouTube?

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