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Day 23: Why I Promise Myself to NEVER pay for an ad in a Magazine Again! Part 2

So, what happened next? Red flag no 3, right? I already mentioned yesterday that the marketing chick had been bigging up my art and telling me how great it would be in the magazine feature yet it was clear later on in the emails that she hadn’t really checked out my art. Then red flag no 2 was that she was proper rushing the whole process, telling me that I had a few days till the deadline and it would be such a shame if I didn’t get in on this edition. OK love.

Red flag no 3 which was pretty much already too late actually because I had already signed the contract to the damn thing, was that I was handed over to a completely different individual to deal with because apparently the marketing chick was away on holiday! Yeah, I bet she was! Alright for some since shed probably got her bonus for getting another sucker to sign up for the advertorial.

Anyways this new girl, was well new. Bear in mind that I hadn’t had that much dealings with the marketing chick as it was but then to be handed over to someone completely new when this whole process was going oh so fast.

Not to mention I had already stayed that this was not in my budget or my marketing plan. So, I really had a lot to do to get prepared for the magazine advertorial. I had to answer some questions for it and then I needed to get some nice photos that would be used for it. Beautiful, high quality images that were of course magazine worthy.

I rushed the next day to get myself an A1 frame made up so that I could take some photos of my larger artworks for the magazine. I was fortunate that the frame maker did it for me in just a few hours and I was able to take good photos with perfect lighting. Everything was going oh so well.

I sent the photos off to the new girl from the magazine after carefully selecting what I thought were the best ones for composition and all that.

Everything seemed ok. Until she got back to me with the mock up for the magazine. Its kind of looked OK to me but then I thought let me check with my bff since that’s their speciality. Well the bff didn’t like the page layout at all. Apparently, it didn’t flow well and was not a very well aligned layout, I was shown some examples and the bff did an example for me with my photos that I had chosen. Just an example.

I gave this example to the new girl and she basically decided that she would just go with that. Yes, she did ask me after a small edit and I just said OK if she was happy with it as the deadline was actually that same day. There really wasn’t any time to keep making changes. However, I felt that they didn’t really put enough effort into making it the best that it could be.

So that was it for a couple of weeks, I think. I almost forgot about it. Almost. Then on day in the post came a beautifully stunning set of magazines. I was so excited as I flipped through the special edition paper looking for my artwork. I couldn’t wait to see the beautiful images that I had taken.

When I got to the page, I stopped, squinted, looked again and squinted again. I was thinking that there must be something wrong with my eyes. I asked my sister to take a look. ‘Why does it look not in focus and pixelated?’ I asked. I couldn’t believe it, instead of the beautiful sharp images that I had taken I was looking at poor quality blurry photographs. I was so disappointed.

I thought it might be a printing error, but looking at every single other image in the magazine I saw beautiful crisp photos. What a bummer.

I contacted the marketing lady and pointed out the issues and of course she said that she was disappointed that I felt like that and that in her copy of the magazine my work looked great. Yeah right heffa! Easy for you to say that when you’re on the other side of the email and I can’t see your copy can I?

She offered that she would list my advertorial on the website to compensate which I thought was a good compromise. But, hello? Where is it? I haven’t been sent a link or seen anything like that on the website and I am a subscriber.

So, there you go duped again by the marketing chick.

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