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Day 22: Why I Promise Myself to NEVER Pay for an Ad in a Magazine Again! Part 1

So basically just a few months ago in February I was approached by some clever marketing chick about having an ad in the local and very popular magazine. I won’t mention its name just in case I happen to be violating some terms or something (better to be safe than sorry these days). So basically, I wasn’t planning on anything like that, it wasn’t in my budget and I did clearly express these things to the marketing chick. Anyway, she was so good at her job and I was such a dumb ass sucker that out of my idealistic aspirations (if you could call it that) or just complete stupidity, I buckled and agreed to a full page spread in the magazine. Of course, she made me believe that I was getting some kind of discount (why can’t people ever be honest?)

Looking back now her whole approach was shifty and I should have seen it coming but being the naïve dumbo that I can be I let her twist and manipulate my desire to be able to get that extra exposure in the hope that so many people would see my wonderful masterpieces and purchase them and I would at the very least make enough sales through the ad to be able to pay for it. Errrr, NAH!

Didn’t happen. OK so its only been a few months and we’ve had the evil corona sabotage everybody’s life plans and whole existence this year but seriously? I haven’t even had an increase to views of my site let alone a sale. And actually, had I had a sale through the ad in the magazine I would have known because I put a special discount offer in the ad specifically for those readers. Not bite at all yet.

Am I even hopeful? No. should I be? I don’t think so. Why? Well basically because when the ad actually did finally come out and I got my copy of the magazine I was literally horrified. The print quality of my page alone was sooooooo bad, I wouldn’t want to but my art if I saw that. And I sent them good quality images too. I know what a good quality image is ok. It was his resolution and pixels and all that jazz you know what I’m saying? Anyways somewhere in this whole thing I ended up paying for a real s**** ad which I hated so much that I was too ashamed to even tell people about it.

So looking back on the whole ordeal now (which I am in no doubt suffering some trauma over) and the emails that I was sent, there were some definite red flags and warning signs that had I had enough foresight I would definitely warn another sucker like me to think 100 times.

So, the first was that I was contacted by this marketing chick about having an ad and I said no maybe 2 or three times. She was so nice in her approach and talked about how much she thought my art would be so perfect and a great fit for this special edition of their magazine which they only have twice a year apparently. Later on, when I asked her what of my art she had seen and liked she skimmed over the answer and didn’t actually answer the question. Surely if you had been looking at my website and my art you would at have been able to tell me if you like my abstract or realistic artwork since I do both. That was the first thing.

It was only when I had agreed to take the ad that when I asked her again about the artwork, she made a fleeting comment that she really loved abstract work and that shed always wished that she could paint. Alright then.

Second red flag I should have picked up was the speed of the whole thing. This chick must have really read a ton of books on persuasive writing, dammit. Why didn’t I see it coming? Basically, her approach was the whole you don’t want to miss this, we have a deadline, it would be such a shame bs talk that I ate hook line and sinker. Well, well, well. Basically, she told me that it would be such a shame for me to miss this opportunity as my art was such a perfect fit and they would help me in the design of the advertorial etc. she tickled my desires perfectly and I submitted.

After agreeing to all of the terms and the so-called discount which looking back on the emails now, I realise it really wasn’t a discount. What she did was basically tell me the lowest price point which was for the half page spread and the price point for the double page spread which was the highest. Then after several emails of trying to convince me she said shed give me a good deal on a single full page which actually when I look at the prices it wasn’t at a discount at all since it is right in the middle or the upper and lower price points. What an amazing marketing strategist she is! I’m not in awe though I just feel like an idiot that got mugged.

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