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Day 21: Having a Day off

I’ve had a bit of a chill day today. That means I actually slept. After my morning call with my bff (yes, I said it) I went to bed and had a good sleep till the afternoon. It was great, I was so happy that when I opened my eyes it didn’t say 12pm or something, it was 4pm and it felt so good after having so little sleep the past few days. Alhamdolillah (thank God).

I went our shopping after waking up, did a good stock up of some meat, fruits and veggies, came home and got ready to cook. I made fish curry, a full tray of brownies and some kale pesto to be used to make sandwiches etc. it’s a nice and healthy sandwich filling and my own recipe. I really love doing homely stuff and things around the house. When your self-employed people often think that you have time to do all of these things but it’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes I’m so busy with work at home and projects that I don’t even have the energy or the will to do housework. Its one of the great misconceptions about people who work from home or are not necessarily ‘employed’ but are stay at home parents for example.

Time in the kitchen seemed to pass so quickly as well. In my mind I’m thinking I only need an hour and a bit to do everything but actually it takes a lot longer than that.

I’m in the baking mood I think, or more or less in the mood to eat baked goods. Tomorrow will most definitely be a carrot cake; I bought the carrots today so I will have to use them tomorrow to get the best out of them.

I’m still so sleepy actually, I can barely concentrate on writing as it is. Amazing when your body is tired it will just take what it needs, no questions asked. I’m not a coffee person either so there’s not much I can do except from succumb to the desires of the flesh and just sleep. Oh my gosh my mind is blank. Tired blank, blank tired. This is my shortest blog post so far, I think, I can barely concentrate because I want to sleep that much. Sorry for the extremely poop poor bog post but it can’t be helped today. If you seen the amount of times I stopped during this because I’m clearly nodding off.

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