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Day 20: Focus on Branding

So, I’ve literally been up all night fooling about on my website with colours and tabs and buttons and fonts etc. I actually fell asleep next to the laptop at one point but after a brief 30 winks and a couple of hours chat with my bbf (did I actually just use that term?) I was re-fired up to continue doing my editing and managed to get to a place where I was quite satisfied.

I think its actually easier to sort out how a website looks on the mobile than on desktop, maybe sounds weird to some but at least for me over the last 24 hours that was the case. I think it was due to the fact that on the mobile there’s less playing around to do and space so that makes it a lot easier in terms of there’s a limit. Whereas with the desktop version I found that there were so many options in terms to layout and I actually didn’t have a vision in mind for what I wanted, I just knew that I wanted something different. I’ve definitely achieved that alhamdolillah (thanks to God) so it just down to working on the other areas of markets and testing to see if this new layout actually works.

It was really kind of spur of the moment, as I said yesterday I only started working on my site to help me stay awake, well kind of, I got distracted with it once I realised I didn’t have a tab simply called ‘shop’ yet I had different (and still do) shop categories for my various art pieces. I realised that for me personally as a user I would expect there to be an actual shop page, that’s what I would be looking for at least. The different categories themselves almost double up in some way as a type of online gallery. I suppose when you have such a vast collection of art that what it is.

I also want to make my website more personal to me. I think that it’s something I struggle with most definitely as an introvert and extremely private person. I often think how can I make something so personal without talking about myself so much? I’m really not the type who enjoys talking about myself, id rather listen to or learn about someone else. However yesterday in my extreme tired keep my eyes open with pins and break the barriers of sleep state I felt somehow that part of me was opening to a new realisation that I could in fact make my website more personal somehow. Its hard to explain but I literally just felt more open like- OK, in my mind it was like I was saying to myself this is your house so make it as personal as your house and as welcoming as your house. Not everyone that comes to my house knows all about me or all my personal business so the website can be the same. Be welcoming I told myself, be warm, be you. Just chill and let a it be a relaxed space where art is all around in so many different forms for people to appreciate (or not)

Take away the pressure of thinking about it as a business so much and just let it be a shared space of me showing the outside world what I love to create and why. No expectations just pure simple honesty and cosy comfort. This is what I have in my mind going forward. I want my website to be like my online house, a place that people enjoy and feel comfortable when they visit and feel like they would love to come and visit again just like they do with my home in real life.

I invite you to come to my online home and I would really love for you to give your feedback on what you think about it so far. There will be no doubt constant and maybe even frequent tweaks here and there until I get it just right.

Thank you for reading and visiting :)

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