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Day 2, 100 Day Blog Challenge

Speaking my truth. This is a phrase that I often hear these days and I wonder what does it really mean when people say that? Why do I wonder? Because as a child I was always encouraged to tell the truth and rewarded for doing so. I was always encouraged to just be honest. I know that some people find it hard to be honest and open with their feelings and admit the truth to themselves, I suppose this could be what they mean by speaking their truth?

Me being naturally paranoid I do question when people have to state that they are in fact being honest or transparent as this is something I naturally expect from people as I try to be that for myself every day. I've seen this a lot on social media, glamorous and beautiful girls for example posting hundreds of perfect selfies and then that one photo minus the makeup and filter with a comment about 'being transparent' or speaking their truth, only to go on and then talk about how they sometimes struggle to get out of bed a lot of the time and talk about how they battle with their own self image. Yet they have tens and thousands of subscribers and followers giving them compliments and praising them for their beauty and style.

Yes of course being beautiful and having lots of followers doesn't mean that you are a confident person. However isn't it a problem that we use something superficial such as beauty to get validation from others to help ourselves feel more confident? Isn't it a problem that we only think that we look good if someone tells us that we look good, a complete stranger who we don't even know? Isn't it dangerous that we give others control over how we see ourselves as individuals?

None of us are perfect and we all have our own flaws. Unfortunately there are many people out there, sad, angry, jealous and hurt people who through their own suffering and negative feeling prey on such people who are seeking validation through social media by way of their looks.

Society places standards of beauty that are many times hard for the majority to ever achieve even if they wanted to. Also they no doubt damage the minds of many young people as to what is beautiful and how to be accepted in the society. Too fat, too thin, too dark, too tall, too short etc. Every culture has their own standards of beauty that it follows. The reality is different for everyone.

Another aspect of 'speaking my truth' and being 'transparent' that I have seen and noticed is people using their personal experiences to connect with others. This is something that I personally struggle with in the sense of using this to build a business. I not sure if I'm gonna make sense here but what I mean is that as an artist I make and sell art. My art that I make is work that I personally felt inspired to create based of what I like and am interested in. I also happen to be a black, African Caribbean woman who is also a Muslim convert of 18 years that wears the face veil. I feel that in some sense I have struggled in my journey as an artist because my work does not directly reflect that I am Muslim- I don't make what is perceived to be 'Islamic art', my work at the moment does not hold any representation of my African Caribbean background and it also doesn't point to the colour of my skin.

Since this is the case, does this mean that I am not speaking my truth as an artist?

Gosh, 20 minutes does go by quickly, I was just getting into that. Look here's another recent artwork:

Thanks for reading :)

About 100 Day Blog Challenge: 20 minutes of non stop writing out my thoughts of a subject without re-reading or editing them. Posted immediately after writing, I only correct highlighted spelling mistakes. #100dayblog

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