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Day 19:

I’m running so late with this blog post today even though I know very well and good that I should aim to complete my blog posts earlier in the day. However today was not one of those days. I had a really late/early morning (really weird sleep schedule at the moment) then a 2-hour nap and then out to work some appointments. Followed by a quick catch up with an old neighbour and then back home to another cup of tea just not the same kind as I’d been drinking only 20 mins before, realisation that I kinda hadn’t had a proper meal all day, mostly just snacking and then a good bit of dinner made by my wonderful life saving mum, whom without her Id probably just not bother with food at all at the moment because do I really actually have the time and brain cells to deal with that when there’s so much going on under this scalp?

So, to keep myself awake I did what I do best and that is to find something to pick my brains even though my skull felt like an empty can with not even an air bubble of carbonated soda in it to generate any decent thought. And what am I actually doing? Looking at copywriting websites trying to learn ways that I can improve that skill seeing as I am completely lacking in that area and down the rabbit hole I go. One path leading to another until the fire in the stove that is my brain is lit up and there’s an abundance of controlled flames lit and flickering in different directions. Multiple tabs are open in the browser, at least one of them must be YouTube as of course, even though my mind is as busy as minds get, I cannot of course just listen to the chaos of my own thoughts, I must add to it by taking in some kind of content. Not to do with learning anything this time- at least not directly, just one of the travel vlog channels that I subscribe to.

So, between flicking back and forth through each tab, working on my website, even though I only opened it initially to upload the latest 100-day blog challenge which I hadn’t even written yet because I’m only just writing it now. Also a tab for LinkedIn for the exact purpose previously mentioned only to be distracted by the many successful people on there who are doing so many amazing things that I can only aspire to be good at, so of course yet another tab for LinkedIn is opened (one for browsing and the other for today’s very late blog post). Hm, what else have I left out? Oh yes, I didn’t have a clue what Kanban was so I had to google that.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I’m struggling to reorganise my website to make it somehow make more sense than I think it did all the while struggling with the ridiculously poor internet connection (has anyone else been have connection problems more than usual these days) knowing that I STILL have not completed today's daily blog post and time is of course of the essence so here I am now and catch you later (in a few hours I hope with much better content and thoughts because it wont be so late in the day but perhaps it will be due to the lack of sleep).

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