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Day 18: To be a Leader you MUST Serve

Being a leader is not about being in charge, its so much deeper than that. As one who is a position of leadership you not only have the responsibility to lead others but you are in a position of serving others. Some people seem to just want to be in charge because they want to feel superior and maybe it has been their life long dream to be in a position of command and tell people what to do. This has got to be one of the worst types and even borderline (if not completely) narcissistic types of person there can be.

If you start a business and employ people purely for the purpose of satisfying your desire of being ‘the boss’ then you’ve started a business for all the wrong reasons. And it goes further than that, it starts in the home. If you want to start a family and choose to get married and have children, you must consider yourself in the position of one who is serving others- your family, in order to bring about happiness and cohesion at home, whether you are the mother or father. I actually don’t blame some people for not wanting to have a family, after all if you know that you are not prepared to serve others in a variety of capacities on a daily basis and would rather have a life where you are solely responsible for yourself then I salute you. I salute you for being honest with yourself and the possibility of making someone else’s life a misery.

Some parents seem to give birth to children believing that the child owes them something. Now I’m having a mini rant here but this is a pretty big topic, maybe ill pick it up again in the future. As a parent if you have the mindset that your child is there to serve you then you may fall into being that oppressive overbearing parent who wants their child to do everything that they tell them. Not allowing the child to grow and flourish under your guidance and help but rather suffocating them, raising them to be some kind of robot only to fulfil your own personal needs and desires. This should never be the case but unfortunately it happens all too much.

Unfortunately, we still have in some cultures a believe from some men and women that certain actions are below people to do and this shouldn’t really be the case at all. I remember one time when I was in Morocco and my year-old daughter had need to go for a number two. I wasn’t at the house with her and her grandmother was unavailable doing something around the house and no one else was at home except her grandfather. I remember coming home and found that he had just finished washing her up, I was quite surprised that he did it as he would usually be out of the house for most of the day and had only stopped by to find out if everything was ok at home. What really impressed me was that no one else was surprised about him cleaning his granddaughters messy behind. It was something normal for them, even though he was not the family member that was usually in the house during the day.

My point here is as a leader the family leader, boss at work, leader of a country we should be dedicated to service of our people, whoever they are. However large or small their responsibilities are they should be of service. I should be of service as a mother, I cannot expect from someone else what I have not or am not prepared to give or to do. Yes, everyone has their own set of capabilities but we should not become complacent or arrogant giving away tasks to others that you could very well do yourself because you are available. Yes of course I’m not saying to make yourself busy doing the job of the cleaning when you are running a multi-million-dollar company, that wouldn’t make sense. My point is just stay humble, respect others for what they are doing and what they are able to do and if they are not able then as the leader you should be able to show and teach them. Offer something in order for others to feel motivated or happy to also return service and loyalty to you.

Some people want to change the world and try to change others but the reality is I cannot change the world unless I change myself.

Lead by example.

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