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Day 17 Rose Drawings Project

Sometime at the beginning of the lock down I started on a project drawing roses. It was more of a time filler and a way of me to stay productive, even though I technically was being productive but I had a lot of things going on and not much time to paint. I had originally drawn the outline of various different types of roses earlier in the year with the intention of making some art videos showing how I colour them in. however I kind of got put off the idea (got lazy about it really) but you know when you’re just not feeling something anymore and you change your mind? Basically, I was feeling like I wanted to incorporate some patterns and designs with the rose so that was the first thing that made me change my idea for this project. Another thing that inspired me to go with the whole line art direction instead of fully colouring in the drawings is that at the beginning of the lockdown there was a sudden increase in sales of my Mandala Colouring book on Amazon (which was very nice).

Inspired by the surge in sales I thought to myself why don’t I make another colouring book? I had already drawn the outline of the roses so it seemed a good direction to go. At the same time as it had been my intention for a long time (yet procrastinated much) I had actually wanted to work on building my YouTube channel and posting videos much more regularly. So, I decided to combine the two things: I would draw my designs while filming them so that I could upload to YouTube.

Well it turns out that even though I found filming while drawing a very unnatural experience I soon got into the hang of drawing or making some type of at every day and filming it. I felt encouraged that I was actually doing something I had set out to do and being productive. It’s all a big learning curve especially the whole filming side but performing while making mistakes and learning as you go along is better than not doing anything at all because you’re worried that it won’t be perfect. So, I’ve spent a good amount of time enjoying a good part of my lock down days drawing and designing pictures for my rose colouring book. Its A5 in size which I love and think is such a cute size and it will be nice and convenient to carry if you’re going out or travelling and want something extra to do. My mum has really enjoyed colouring in my copy of the Mandala Colouring book this lock down.

I also think that the designs will be a good start or inspiration for some printmaking that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I want to cut some lino designs and probably do a limited-edition series of prints that I will upload here in my shop Insha Allah (God Willing).

To be honest at this stage I’m not sure if I will still do the colouring book, I might get a few copies printed and see how I get on with it. Right now, I’m just really enjoying the process of creating the designs and filming them. Its also very satisfying to fill up a sketchbook with drawings. 😊

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